Week 1 – Jan. 26

  • 9:00 Introductions and Pre-assessment survey
  • 9:15 Introduction to MakeCode programming environment and simulator
    – Controlling the Neopixel LEDs
    – Initializing, timing, and looping
    – Responding to buttons and sensors
  • 10:10 Break
  • 10:20 Loading programs into the Circuit Playground
    Additional topics as time permits:
    – Controlling external components
    – Variables
    – Javascript interface
    – Loading the Circuit Python controller
  • 11:15 Weekly Journal and program upload
    Each week you will fill out an online form describing what you worked on this week and answer quick questions about how the class is going for you. When relevant, you will also be asked to upload a program you have been working on. This is REQUIRED.
  • 11:30 End of class